Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day History

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(Hello friends... Valentine's Day is coming soon... have a read what have I found about Valentine's Day... Enjoy reading)

More than a Hallmark holiday, Valentine's Day, like Halloween, is rooted in pagan partying.

The lovers' holiday traces its roots to raucous annual Roman festivals where men stripped naked, grabbed goat- or dog-skin whips, and spanked young maidens in hopes of increasing their fertility, said classics professor Noel Lenski of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The annual pagan celebration, called Lupercalia, was held every year on February 15 and remained wildly popular well into the fifth century A.D.—at least 150 years after Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.

"It is clearly a very popular thing, even in an environment where the Christians are trying to close it down," Lenski said. "So there's reason to think that the Christians might instead have said, OK, we'll just call this a Christian festival."

The church pegged the festival to the legend of St. Valentine.

According to the story, in the third century A.D. Roman Emperor Claudius II, seeking to bolster his army, forbade young men to marry. Valentine, it is said, flouted the ban, performing marriages in secret.

For his defiance, Valentine was executed in A.D. 270—on February 14, the story goes.

While it's not known whether the legend is true, Lenski said, "it may be a convenient explanation for a Christian version of what happened at Lupercalia."


Monday, February 9, 2009

A Tribute To All Virtual Friends

This message is a tribute to all my virtual friend. Many persons think, the virtual friendship is not cold, impersonal and without feeling. No, well on the contrary, the virtual friendship is simple, surprising and sincere.

My virtual friend, eventough we never meet personally, we admires and respects our essence to each other. It does not matter if we are white, black, high,low, fat, thin...

It also does not matter if we have luxury car, if our house is like a pallace or if we have nothing. The distance also it is not a problem, since the virtual friendship is universal.

My virtual friends, you are the person who orders me affectionate, recrucibles every day, one good morning, a good night... Very often only you direct me, time or other one, the emails that you forwarded from other friends, the comment you leaved on my blog or on my Friendster or MysSpace...You entertained me whenever i enter the chatroom....and you never stops forgetting me.

And since that does well!